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What does the Bible say about removing statues?

There’s no easy solution to the statues controversy swirling around our culture. A recent poll found that 45 percent of Americans see statues of Confederate war heroes as symbols of Southern pride, while 36 percent view them as symbols of racism. Forty-five percent believe they should not be removed from public property, while 38 percent feel they should be removed. However, 60 percent believe that statues of American presidents who were slaveholders should not be removed. The survey demonstrates the complexity of this divisive and emotional issue. Few people sitting in your church are unaware of the controversy and many have strong feelings. While there are a lot of opinions, it’s important to know how the Bible addresses the principles in this issue. How do you as a pastor help your congregation navigate this subject? To help you lead effectively in these difficult days, I have written an essay What Does the Bible Say About Removing Statues? Cultural Analysis, Biblical Response.