Human Experience


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D-Day and V-Day

Scripture: Romans 7

Topic: Temptation > Human Experience

Series: The Victorious Life

D-Day and V-Day Romans 7:14-25 James C. Denison What’s wrong with me? My parents had every right to ask that question all the years I was in their home. Not all my discipline problems were intentional. When I showed Lamar Daniels my Cub Scout fire-starting abilities in a nearby field, I didn’t know I was […]

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Defrosting the Refrigerator

Scripture: Romans 8

Topic: Temptation > Human Experience

Series: Romans 8

Defrosting the Refrigerator Romans 8:3-4 James C. Denison It’s January, so everyone must be on a diet. Time magazine reports on the latest fads. One aims at men who eat at fast-food restaurants, and tells us to eat a Big Mac (540 calories), not a Whopper (760 calories). I could stay on that diet. One […]

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