March 2020: Digital Church Q&A with Nils Smith

Nils Smith is an author, speaker, vlogger, podcaster, and consultant. He has a passion to come alongside church leaders and organizations in helping them maximize social media and new technologies in accomplishing their goals. His desire is to not just function in strategy development, but to partner in hands-on execution. 

Nils joined us in late March to discuss best practices for being connected to your congregations during this season of sheltering in place. 

Nils also mentioned these helpful resources:

  • StreamYard: An online service that will help you stream to multiple social media sites simultaneously
  • Church Online Resources: A listing of free tools to help churches be the church online

March 2020: Responding to the coronavirus epidemic and preparing for Easter

Dr. Jim Denison and Pastor Mark Turman discuss two main topics: the coronavirus epidemic and preparing to preach Easter.

0:50: Why do you first discuss pandemics in your pastoral paper on the coronavirus?

3:13: How can a church leader respond to a member who fears attending church due to the coronavirus?

5:33: How can we find reliable information about the coronavirus epidemic?

7:43: Why is it important for a pastor to be a guiding voice in these kinds of situations?

11:41: If the CDC recommends that churches not meet, how can a church without the technology to meet digitally still have worship services and still be the church?

17:09: What advice do you have for preaching to a camera?

24:18: Why has the coronavirus dominated the news versus coverage of the traditional flu? 

29:15: How should pastors deal with the question of, “Why is the coronavirus happening? Is it God’s judgment?” 

34:36: How can a church leader say something fresh about Easter, Christianity’s most-told story?

41:56: How do you tie Easter and the coronavirus epidemic together?

46:48: Why is belief in a bodily resurrection so important to Christianity?

Download the pastoral paper, “Where is God when pandemics strike? A biblical and practical response.”

Feb. 2020: What does the Bible say about racism?

Download the pastoral paper, “What does the Bible say about racism?”

Or listen to the audio:

Jan. 2020: Called to Life

Watch the videoconference.

Download the pastoral paper, “Called to Life: What does ‘sanctity of life’ mean?”

Or listen to the summary podcast:

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