About A Pastor’s View

A Pastor’s View exists to support, encourage and equip pastors and churches to engage and confront our culture’s moral and spiritual decline.  A church will never go further, stand stronger or be more effective than its pastoral leadership.   

But the church and its leaders have never been under more scrutiny and criticism than they are experiencing in the early twenty-first century.  Unfortunately, ministerial moral failures, accusations of pastoral abuse and church financial chicanery have only fed these negative images.  Pastors and churches have gone from being seen as the center of society in the mid-twentieth century to irrelevant and declining at the turn of the twenty-first century to dangerous and phobic as we enter the third decade of the 2000s.

When we launched Denison Forum in 2009, one of its primary goals was to help pastors speak to cultural issues and lead in cultural context as effectively as possible. Jim Denison’s Daily Article, social media content, books and media presence are produced with pastors and other Christian leaders as one of the primary audiences.

A Pastor’s View provides in-depth perspective on issues, concerns and questions that concern pastoral leadership.  It is a free resource that includes weekly blogs, in-depth pastoral papers, book reviews, digital conferencing, pastoral retreats, and other relevant content from recommended resources and providers.

About Jim Denison

DR. JIM DENISON is a co-founder and the CEO of Denison Ministries. 

He is also the author of The Daily Article for Denison Forum, a Dallas-based nonprofit that comments on current issues through a biblical lens.

Through The Daily Article, his email newsletter and podcast published to 500,000+ subscribers across the globe, Dr. Denison’s social media following has a reach of 2.9 million, with over 400,000 Facebook followers. Much of his writing can be found on the Denison Forum website.

He is the author of multiple books and has taught on the philosophy of religion and apologetics at several seminaries. 

Dr. Denison serves as Resident Scholar for Ethics with Baylor Scott & White Health, a leading hospital and healthcare system in Texas.  He holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has also received a Doctor of Divinity from Dallas Baptist University.  Prior to launching Denison Forum in 2009, he pastored churches in Texas and Georgia.  

Jim and his wife, Janet, live in Dallas, Texas.  They have two sons and four grandchildren.

About Mark Turman

PASTOR MARK TURMAN serves as Senior Fellow for Church Leadership with Denison Forum.  He is the founding pastor of Crosspoint Church in McKinney, Texas where he continues to serve as lead pastor.

Mark was raised in Tyler, Texas in a large Roman Catholic family.  At seventeen, he made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and later committed to vocational ministry during his freshman year in college at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas.  He completed his undergraduate program there before completing a Master of Theology degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Currently, Mark is completing his doctoral program at Truett Seminary in Waco, Texas.  He married his high school sweetheart, Judi, and they have two children and one grandchild. 

Weekly Blogs

Dr. Jim Denison and Pastor Mark Turman add fresh thinking and biblical structure to cultural issues each week for APV guests and subscribers to read or listen to. 

Book Reviews

Steve Yount, Senior Fellow for Research at Denison Forum, will write book reviews on a regular basis.  After years of service in newspaper editing and public relations, he brings a wealth of experience and an eye for the significant to content production.  He will primarily write reviews of books that will be particularly helpful to pastors.

Jim Denison, Mark Turman or a guest contributor will explore a topic, issue or question pertinent to pastors in a more in-depth form than their weekly blogs.  Often an online conference will follow for further discussion among pastors. The most recent papers are linked below.  

Upcoming Online Conferences

A Pastor’s View will host online conferences for the enrichment and encouragement of pastors and church leadership.  While seating may be limited in the venue, the conference will be free.

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